In recent years, HTML5 and JavaScript have been actively gaining popularity among indie game developers. The reason for this choice is obvious – the potential of the two applications in game production. HTML5 is now considered a serious gaming platform. Below are 10 top games using HTML5 for example.

1. A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth

The game was developed by the Rudovski brothers (Poland). The essence of the game is simple – a young traveler in search of a magician. This game of the genre “point-and-click” (quest) is full of adventure, with very beautiful graphics, completely immerses gamers in the game world. The game is written using JQuery, which once again shows that this framework can be used not only for creating websites, but also for entertainment.

2. Save the Day

A simple adventure game in which you are a lifeguard. With the help of the helicopter, you need to rescue the survivors within a certain period of time by picking them up on board the helicopter. At the end of time (if not all the poor fellows are saved), your rescue helicopter will explode.

The game was created on the Turbulenz open source game engine in HTML5. Turbulenz engine provides a wide range of functions and services for creating games (fault tolerance, asynchronous loading, scalability). In general – an engine for creating games using web technologies, not native code. Turbulenz is a social game engine using HTML5, WebGL JavaScript. Its capabilities allow you to make exciting real-time 3D games with physics.

3. Runfield

Runfield is a specific name, a simple but a bit strange game. The gamer tries on the role of a hyper – jumping fox. You click – you jump, jump over obstacles … you play with a word). The game was developed by Ilmari Heikkinen, graphics are created using canvas, one of the elements of HTML5.

4. Cut the Rope

Cut the rope – feed the frog. Created by a game development studio in Russia, ZeptoLab in 2010. A puzzle that many gamers around the world have liked. The bottom line is that the frog needs to be fed with colored candies on the ropes, which need to be cut “correctly”. The plot, however, is funny. At each next level, the number of ropes, soap bubbles, rockets is added … stars are collected, new locations open … what to write – it’s better to play once) (it took some time to figure out where exactly on the site the button “play” – at the bottom “Give it a fry”)

5. Robots are People Too

Robots are People Too is a canvas / WebGL game, a multiplayer game (for an amateur), developed using HTML5 canvas. It differs from other games, difficult and at the same time interesting, because you need to learn how to play with both hands. You need to control two robots. Control W-A-S-D for one robot (blue) and arrows (left-right-up-down) for another (red) robot.

6. BrowserQuest

A multiplayer RPG game, BrowserQuest. The same HTML5 canvas is used to create the graphics of the game. Since the game is built in HTML5 / JavaScript, it is accessible through most browsers and platforms. The plot of the game: a young scout visits various dangerous places in search of adventure and thrill. Technologies such as web worker (defines an API for creating background scripts in web applications without blocking the game process itself), localStorage (saves the history of the game) are used.

7. Sumon

Sumon is well known among gamers. Sumon Puzzle by ideateca, a native application that is also developed using HTML5 web technology. What makes it more interesting is the use of the CocoonJS framework (which compiles HTML5 applications). The Ludei platform has already been used in the development of over 500 games, this game is no exception). Sumon graphics are created using HTML5 canvas.

8. Lux Ahoy

The game is an arcade game that will turn you into a pirate. You need to hit the enemy with a cannon with a cannonball, calculating the angle and power. The game graphics were designed and created in Flash and then ported to HTML5. Unfortunately, the game does not run in all browsers (you need to enter Lux Ahoy using the Google Chrome browser).

9. The Convergence

Convergence is a game similar to Robots are People Too. A single player game that requires two heroes to coordinate simultaneously. HTML5 canvas was used for graphics.

10. Bombermine

It is a multiplayer, real-time game. Web sockets are used.